10 Quick & Easy Diet Fixes!

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Whenever I’m coaching someone towards a healthier lifestyle, I always start with having them make small changes.  People are more successful making multiple small changes over a longer period of time compared to a few giant lifestyle changes all at once.  It’s easier mentally, emotionally and physically for clients as well.  Smaller goals = bigger rewards in the long term. tips
MyPlateHere are my top 10 quick (and small) diet fixes that you can start today!  These are relatively easy to do, don’t take a lot of effort and increase your health (and that’s what we want, right?)  Implement some of these over time and it can lead to a much healthier lifestyle and even a little bit of weight loss!

  1. Ditch 1 regular soda for 1 sugar free beverage – do this every week until no more soda!
  2. Switch out 1 serving of bread, rice or pasta for one serving of a fruit or a vegetable
  3. Aim for 6-8 glasses of water (or other clear, sugar free liquids) a day.  Start by increasing by one glass a day every week.
  4. Start using low fat dairy products instead of full fat.  Try  mixing whole milk with skim and work your way down until you’re drinking only skim or 1%.
  5. Add in 1 serving of whole grains every day – buy 100% whole wheat or 100% whole grain bread, pastas and other grain products.
  6. Aim for making half your lunch and dinner plate portions fruit and veggies.
  7. Slowly cut down, cup by cup, so that you’re only consuming 1-2 cups of coffee or other caffeinated beverages daily.
  8. Love to snack? Switch out your normal afternoon snack for a fruit or vegetable with some lean protein!  Like carrots and hummus or peanut butter and celery!
  9. Devote one day a week to eating vegetarian.  It’ll save you money and can lead to healthier food choices!
  10. Drink a glass of water before your meals – it can help ward off intense hunger and help you feel full quicker.

Try adding one of these tips a week – not all at once.  Take small steps towards your goal and you’ll be successful.  As I’ve often heard, “the slow turtle wins the race.”  Persistence, dedication and slowly changing your habits can help lead to a long lasting healthy lifestyle.

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