4 Weight Loss Myths Debunked From Celebrity Trainer Cat Smiley!

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Cashing in on those 120lb figures is big business, and even bigger business for the multi-million dollar weight loss industry. But what is real and what is speculation? Here’s the four most common weight loss myths debunked from The Planet Friendly Diet, my new book on weight loss and healthy eating.


Myth # 1: “If you exercise, you can eat whatever you like”.

The reality is, your weight loss plan will only work if you are taking less calories than your body is consuming. If you eat more calories than you are burning, your efforts for losing weight will be minimized. Eating less, and moving more is best, but just make sure that you don’t drop below 1200 calories per day.

Myth # 2: “You need to exercise for more than 45 minutes continuously in a day to lose weight”.

The Journal of Sports Sciences and Medicine recently published a study conducted on 40 people to show the “relationship of fat oxidation and lactate threshold in athlete and obese patients” which confirmed that fat oxidation in obese patients is maximum while exercising at 79% of Maximum Heart rate (65% of V02max) during 20 minutes of exercise. This means that interval training is much more fat burning and beneficial in the long term for increasing learn muscle mass than training at a lower intensity for longer durations.

tips Myth # 3: “Carbohydrates make you fat, so avoid carbohydrates”.

Carbohydrates are the main source of instant energy provided to body and essential for body health. Be sure, however, to choose from the main categories; simple and complex carbohydrates. As explained in my book, The Planet Friendly Diet, simple carbohydrates are present in sugars and complex carbohydrates are present in vegetables, fruits and whole grain. Eat a combination of both to drop the most weight effectively and keep your body energized for workouts.

Myth # 4: “Skipping meals helps to lose weight because less calories are consumed”.

A review written by “Dr. Von Hauner Children’s Hospital, University of Munich Medical Centre, Germany” on 5 research studies published between 2004-2009, (conducted on 13,998 children and adolescents from the United States), showed that increased frequency of meals reduced the risk of obesity, and that skipping meals increases the risk of obesity. Missing meals to reduce your body weight can cause you to eat more and comparatively fatty food in your next meal resulting in more obesity. The bottom line: don’t skip meals! Choose smaller portions and exercise more to reduce body weight.


Cat Smiley is a leading weight loss expert, and owner of Canada’s Premiere Weight Loss Retreat for Women. She is the author of The Planet Friendly Diet, 21 day boot camp for total body transformation. Cat has been named Canadian Trainer of the Year three times by the International Sports Science Association. To work with Cat, visit www.catsmileyfatcamp.com

Fit For Fall Update:

So I’ll just throw this in real quick – I did promise to update you every Friday on my weight loss and “get-in-shape” progress.

  • Weight – well – I didn’t weigh myself last week, so I’m not too sure if I lost gained or stayed the same.  But I have a good feeling I lost a little.  But I’ll be starting with today’s weight going forward.
  • Eating – went really well.  I logged everything into My Fitness Pal.  The only off time I had was Tuesday lunch when the office ordered in.  I ate healthy (roasted veggie sandwich) just too much.  Other than that small slip up, I ate really well and stuck to smaller portion sizes.  I’ll be working extra hard this weekend to stay on track because weekends can be a bad time for me!
  • Exercise – anyone that has followed facebook or gotten a call from me, you know I certainly worked out this week. I’m still sore 4 days later!  I did Body Pump twice (aerobic weight lifting class from hell), Body Attack (another crazy fat blasting class) and I walked on my “day off” just to keep moving!  I’m really proud of all that I did and I definitely am feeling a lot better mentally and will feel great physically once all this initial soreness goes away!

For now, I’m happy with this week!  I look forward to updating you next week!

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