About Bean A Foodie:

Hi!  Welcome to Bean A Foodie!  My name’s Maria and I’m a nutrition expert, die-hard foodie and the author of the blog Bean A Foodie – A Culinary Quest for Nutrition.  I started writing this blog so that I could share my recipes, cooking tips and advice, nutrition expertise.   Here on the blog you’ll find delicious vegetarian and plant-based meals, some occasional nutrition advice and great how-to articles!

The information found in my nutrition posts, or in any other posts for that matter, is 100% accurate and comes from my own educational background and/or reliable and trustworthy sources.  It is important that my readers are able to use this blog as a trusted source of information and advice in addition to the fun and tasty recipes.  Whenever I use outside sources, I’ll provide a list of references at the end of each blog so you can view the original source of information.

About Me:

I’m 20-something living in Northern, VA with my husband Dario and our English bulldog, Medo.  I love cooking/feeding my husband – he eats pretty much whatever I make and somehow seems impressed with even the simplest of my dishes.  And since I’ve always been interested in health and nutrition, he’s enjoyed the occasional nutrition tip along with dinner (or so he says).

Because myself and my husband are “98% vegetarians”, all of my recipes fit into a plant-based diet.  That just means you won’t find recipes containing poultry, beef, pork, lamb or other meat-derived products.  I do cook with dairy, eggs and fish frequently as I just couldn’t give those up.  Also, there are times, when I’m confronted with some food (usually something made by my mother or grandmother) that is meat based and I just cannot resist it…hence the “98% vegetarian” status.

Outside of home and our weekly dinners I work as a Bariatric Registered Dietitian in a fairly large outpatient surgical practice.  I absolutely love my job, my patients and my co-workers.  It’s a profession that can be delightfully challenging and lets me connect with patients that struggle with food, diet and health.  It’s a profession where I feel needed by both my supervising surgeons and by my patients!  I love it!

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