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This past weekend Dario I took our mini vacation trip to NYC.  I know in one of my last posts (this one here) I mentioned that we were going a few weeks from now.  But Sunday afternoon we took the train back early to NJ for a surprise party my family decided to throw for my grandmother.  And as an avid reader of my blog, I couldn’t disclose the REAL date of our trip because my she would have figured out her surprise!

I’m glad we got to go last weekend – the weather in NYC was awesome – slightly breezy, no humidity and the perfect temperature for a day of walking.  Which I might add, was totally necessary considering everything we ate!  Dario had some specific food requests for our trip – he’s only been to NYC one other time.  I’ve been more times than I can count so I let him dictate our food stops.  Side note – sorry for the crappy iPhone pictures.  We brought our nice camera….but…forgot it in the hotel room.  So yea…sorry.

NYC4 The first stop was of course, picking up a “real” New York bagel.  A close second to that was eating “real” slice of New York pizza.    Note that some people obviously believe you can only get this “real” food in NYC.  According to his previous research, bagels and pizza are really good only in NYC and NJ due to the type of water they have.  He wanted to bring some of that water home and make his own bagels and pizza crust.  Yea…that request got DE-nied.

NYC3 We got our delicious real bagel from Katz’ deli in Chinatown shmeared with cream cheese, loaded with lox and topped with a sprinkling of raw onions and capers.  SO good.  The bagel was perfectly chewy and the lox was some of the best I’ve had.  Our breakfast together ended up being quite silent as we happily munched down on our bagels.


NYC11 Lunch was…you guessed it…pizza.  We went to Mario Batali’s Eatly near the meat packing district (or maybe it’s in the meat packing district…not sure).  We ended up getting pizza to go because the place was so crowded you couldn’t get a seat at any of the vendor stations.  This ended up being perfect – we got to eat our roasted vegetable pizza across the street in a little park, away from the 5,000 people who were jammed inside this place.  It was a really…really good pizza.  I wish I would have gotten to see more of the Eatly inside.  But it was just too crowded.  I was kinda disappointed, but maybe next time I’ll visit during non peak hours.

NYC14 Dinner was probably our favorite meal.  I did a good amount of research before making our reservations and decided to go with a place called V-note.  It’s an all organic wine bar and vegan restaurant.  I initially wanted to go to Dirt Candy, but they were booked for days, so that option didn’t work out.  V-note ended up being a very delicious replacement to Dirt Candy.

NYC13 We split two appetizers – the lentil and root vegetable rolls in a mustard pistachio sauce and then a Seitan Schnitzel with a blueberry reduction and german style potato salad.  Both were amazing.  I still can’t believe how good the Schnitzel was.  I was swear, this dish would fool even the meatiest meat eater out there.


NYC2 For the entrees I decided with the lasagna and roasted broccolini- I saw it pass by and just couldn’t resist.  Dario ordered the barbeque tempeh with roasted corn salsa and avocado and a horseradish creme fraiche.  I think my lasagna was the best – the sauce was one of the BEST tomato sauces I’ve ever had.  I could have licked it off the plate.

NYC7 Besides the food we went to see Central Park, walked through Time’s Square and checked out a few stores including the M&M’s store (look at all those colors!), walked around the meat packing district and lastly checked out Chelsea market.  It was such a great trip!  I highly recommend going to Eatly, Chelsea market and of course going to V-note restaurant!

You tell me!  Have you ever been to NYC?  What’s your favorite restaurant there?  Favorite attraction?



    August 15, 2013 at 3:07 pm

    The BBQ tempeh with roasted corn salsa looks divine!

    • mewinebrenner

      August 15, 2013 at 9:02 pm

      It was SO good! Especially loved the salsa and the horseradish creme fraiche!

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