Homemade Roasted Peppers

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If you read this post from last week, you’ll know that my wonderful mother stocked me up with a TON of late summer produce from her garden.  Just tons.  I’m finally winding my way down and only have a few stray tomatoes, a bag of swiss chard and two very sad, very wrinkly red peppers.  The peppers were already in a questionable state when she gave them to me.  According to her “they were fine.”  I just needed to “chop them up – nobody would know the difference.”

roasted red peppers, peppers, roasting peppers

roasted red peppers, peppers, roasting peppers Yea right!  By the time I actually got around to have the desire to cook with my wrinkly peppers, they were even MORE wrinkly and starting to look like compost material.  But I salvaged them!  I took these very sad and pathetic peppers and turned them into a giant jar of delicious and fresh (I suppose that’s a relative term…) roasted red peppers!  So good!  I love having them on hand.  I feel like I end up throwing them into just about every dish I make.

roasted red peppers, peppers, roasting peppers

roasted red peppers, peppers, roasting peppers

Between my cooking and Dario eating them straight from the jar, we go through a lot of roasted red peppers in our house.  Which is kinda bad because a jar of peppers at my local grocery store isn’t cheap.  And I buy like two jars a week!  Not fun for my wallet.  So I decided it’d be a smart idea to make my own roasted peppers.  Especially during the summer because they’re cheap at the store or come free (from somebody’s over producing garden).  Perfecto.

roasted red peppers, peppers, roasting peppers There are a couple of methods you can use, but either way they’ll come out delicious.  Here are my favorite roasting methods, a few tips for roasting up beautiful red, orange, yellow (or green) peppers, storing them, plus a few recipes to use them in.


Homemade Roasted Peppers:

  • Techniques (see photos above):
    • Grilling – Heat your out door grill to high.  Place peppers in hot areas and to char until completely black on all sides -you’ll need to rotate them often and watch them carefully.
    • Broiling – Heat your oven broiler to high and make sure one oven rack is located at the very top of your oven.  Place peppers on a sheet pan and broil until blackened and charred on all sides (see picture above) – you’ll need to rotate them often and watch them carefully.
    • Open flame – this works if you have a gas stove (or maybe a campfire?).  Turn your burner onto medium high-high.  With a long pair of tongs, place peppers on the grate covering the flame (see picture above).  Keep them in them flame until they are charred and blackened (see picture above) – you’ll need to rotate them often and watch them carefully.
  • Tips:
    • Any peppers work.  You can use red ones, green ones, yellow ones.  And old wrinkly ones too!
    • Don’t oil them up.  This step is key especially if you plan on roasting them over an open gas flame on your stove top.  You don’t want oil dripping into the flame or igniting near your hands.
    • Be prepared.  Right when you’re peppers are finished charring up and are completely black, place them on a sheet pan or a plate and immediately cover them with plastic wrap.  Allow to cool this way for about 10-15 minutes.  The steam trapped underneath the plastic wrap will help pull the skin away from the flesh of the pepper.
    • Give them a quick rinse.  After you’ve removed most of the skin you can rinse the peppers under cool water.  It’ll remove any last bits of charred skin – though, those parts also taste good!
  • Storage:
    • Place in a sealed tupperware container for 4-5 days in the fridge.
    • Store in a glass jar filled with olive oil.  Feel free to add in any herbs or spices to flavor your peppers.  Garlic and fresh herbs work well!  Keeps fresh for about a week in the fridge.
    • Place in freezer safe, sealed plastic baggies for up to 6 months!
    • Can/jar them for long storage.  I have no idea how to do this, but I’ve seen a few blog posts about it.  If you’re interested in this, I’d suggest reading up on it.  But the peppers will definitely last very long this way.
  • Recipes:

You tell me!  Which pepper roasting method have you tried?  What is your favorite recipe to use roasted red peppers in?

Hey, thanks for reading! Share your thoughts!