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Reading Terminal Market

Other than the glowing neon sign, Reading Terminal Market (pronounced as “red-ding”) is housed in a rather indistinct building in downtown Philadelphia.  I stumbled upon this foodie paradise when I was in Philly recently for the Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo.  In desperate need of breakfast and large, hot caffeinated beverage, I ran out of the convention center in hopes of something other than a convenience store or 7-11.

Reading Terminal Marketing is a historic indoor farmers and food market established in 1892 with more than 80 different vendors and merchants.  Once you step inside the front doors, you’re immediately hit with a wave a delicious smells.  You can find practically anything you want here – fresh produce or seafood, speciality baked goods, homemade sausages and cheese, Amish delights, a vegetarian option or two, flowers, artisan crafts and much, much more.

My friend and I stopped at a variety of the different vendors looking for treats to bring home.  Most….I have to say, we ate before they even made it back to the car.  Oh well.  On Monday, we had a delicious breakfast at Smucker’s, an Amish vendor, and it was delicious!  Scrambled eggs, homemade cheddar cheese and roasted veggies all tucked into a delicious wrap.  Afterwards, I downed a delicious and perfectly crafted pumpkin spice latte from Old City Coffee, Inc.  A giant, soft and gooey chocolate chip cookie from The Famous 4th St Cookie Company topped off breakfast.

I brought home some handmade bees wax candles and local honey for my tea-obsessed fiancé and picked up a package of gourmet chocolate covered pretzels for an extra sweet treat.  I loved seeing all the local produce and seafood displayed proudly by the merchants.  Philly is lucky to have such a wonderful place within its midst.  The next time I’m in Philly, this will most definitely be the first place I stop by!

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  1. Eat on the Run

    October 10, 2012 at 1:15 pm

    I love Reading Terminal! So glad you went there while in Philly!

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