Snacking On: Gold Emblem Rice Crackers

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I look forward to my afternoon snack everyday!  A piece of fruit (honey crisp apples!), a greek yogurt or some raw veggies and hummus…these always boost my energy, mood and push me on through the rest of my afternoon.  Snacks like these are a great part to a healthy diet.  More often than not, I always reach for something crunchy as a snack.  And salty.  Crunchy and salty – that’s what I’m generally craving around 3:30 pm.   goldemblem2-001

Luckily for me, Gold Emblem asked if I’d like to do a short write up on a new gluten free cracker they’ve developed.  Crackers?  Um, yes I will definitely eat lots of those (lots) and give my review.  A few days ago a box arrived at my apartment with a big bag of Sea Salt and Barbeque flavored rice crackers.  Awesome!  I dove into each bag sampling a generous handful of each flavor.  I mean…you can’t really get a good idea of a cracker by just eating one!


Both flavors were awesome!  What I really liked about the barbeque flavor was that it tasted like legit barbeque.  Not the fake imitation bbq flavor.  It was smoky, slightly sweet and of course a bit salty and crunchy.  Unfortunately when Dario got home, those bbq crackers lasted for about 4.5 seconds.  Gone.  But the sea salt flavor was banned as a snack food (at least until I took pictures of it!) and lasted slightly longer.

The sea salt had just the right amount of salty kick that I crave.  And although the bbq flavor was good, I liked that the sea salt crackers could be paired with just about any type of cheese or dip.  Besides just munching on these crackers as is, I wanted to see how I could use them for other uses.  The fact that they’re gluten free can really make them a versatile product!  So… I came up with bread crumbs!  A few twirls in my food processor and these little rice crackers formed gluten free, perfectly seasoned “panko style” bread crumbs.  Amazing!

FritoMisto5 There are a TON of things to use these on.  But my all time favorite was my oven fried eggplant and zucchini sticks.  The panko style crumbs gave these veggies an amazing crunch.  Plus, I didn’t have to season them at all – it all came with the cracker.  Simple!

Pick up a bag (or two!) of Gold Emblem rice crackers at a CVS near you.  One bag is only $2.49 which is pretty cheap for such a delicious snack!  Enjoy!

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