Wonderful Water: 7 Ways To Drink More!

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It seems commonplace now for people to carry around reusable water bottles or to stock up on cases of bottled water.  Many people have been hopping on the “8 glasses a day” band wagon.  Recently, studies have shown that you may not need a full 8 glasses or 64 ounces.  But don’t set down that water bottle just yet!  Although each person’s water needs are slightly different, adequate hydration is important for you health, bodily functions and over well being! Front image_drinking-water

Water is actually (or should be) considered a major nutrient for your body – just like carbohydrates, protein, fat or vitamins and minerals.  Its important to drink enough clear fluids daily to keep your body going and to replace water lost throughout the day – like that lost in skin evaporation, sweat, urine, stool and even breathing!  Not replacing these fluid losses can result in dehydration.  This is especially true during these warmer months.

Since your body is over 60% water, its a vital nutrient and component to a variety of processes in your body.  The main role of water is as a component to bodily fluids which aid your body in the process of blood circulation, absorption, digestion, saliva creation, transportation of nutrients, and maintenance of body temperature.  It’s also very important to muscle performance.  Dehydrated muscles do not work as well and your performance will suffer.  Also, dehydration can lead to kidney stones.  Water helps wash out and remove wastes and toxins through your kidneys and out of your body.  The less water flushing through, the higher risk you are for kidney stones.  And lastly, adequate water intake is definitely a big help to keep your bowels regular and easy to pass!

drinking-water Water has so many important roles in your body.  It imperative that you drink enough to keep your body healthy.  How much is enough for you?  You don’t want to feel thirsty throughout the day and the color of your urine should be close to clear by the end of the day.  Personally, I get in at least 64 oz a day, but generally more – especially when its hot or when I exercise.

Here’s a few tricky tips to get in that 64 oz of water each day!

  1. Track it!  Using apps on your phone, online journals or good old fashioned paper and pencil, track how many glasses or ounces of water you drink throughout the day.  This will help visualize your progress and keep you on track toward meeting your daily goal.
  2. Take it to go!  Invest in a reusable water bottle to keep with you at all times – it makes it much easier to have water in just about any location so there’s no excuse for not drinking it!
  3. Spice it up!  Sometimes plain water is just that…plain.  Try some sugar free mix in’s like Crystal Light, Mio, lemon/lime juice or even try Agua Fresca (Try my Pineapple Lime Agua Fresca!).
  4. Time yourself.  It’s helpful to give yourself a time limit to get in all those ounces.  I try to drink a whole water bottle (mine is 25 oz) before lunch and one after lunch.  That way I have a timeline and a schedule to stick to.  Or even set timers on your phone or computer to remind you to drink!
  5. Decaf coffee and tea count!  You may think its pointless to drink decaf coffee and tea, but it still has the same great flavor AND counts towards that water goal!
  6. Drink and drive!  Water that is!  Make it a point to finish off 1 water bottle on your way to work and one on the way home!  That’s 32 oz just during your commute!
  7. Sip with a straw.  Research shows that more water gets down the hatch if you drink with a straw.  You can even buy water bottles with a built-in straws!

Now its time to get started on those 64 ounces of water!  Get to it!

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